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Lisa Pavelka 527060 Texture Stamp Paisley $10.90 Lisa Pavelka 527062 Texture Stamp Ancient Doodle $9.49
Lisa Pavelka 527061 Texture Stamp Ethnic Borders $9.03 Lisa Pavelka 327090 Texture Stamp Kit Flourish $9.58
Lisa Pavelka 327066 Texture Stamp Kit Flow $9.58 Lisa Pavelka 327067 Texture Stamp Kit Cultural $9.58
Lisa Pavelka 527234 Texture Stamp Which Way $9.29 Lisa Pavelka 527094 Texture Stamp Love Letter $8.64
Lisa Pavelka 527064 Texture Stamp Crackle $9.45 Lisa Pavelka 327092 Texture Stamp Kit Astound $11.06
Lisa Pavelka 527041 Texture Stamp Tooled Leather $9.73 Lisa Pavelka 327068 Texture Stamp Kit Patterns $12.93
Lisa Pavelka 527095 Texture Stamp Basketweave $8.10 Lisa Pavelka 527098 Texture Stamp Vibe $8.27
Lisa Pavelka 527093 Texture Stamp Victorian Lace $9.10 Lisa Pavelka 527044 Texture Stamp Fleur de Lis $9.00
Lisa Pavelka 527063 Texture Stamp Op Art $9.20 Lisa Pavelka 327018 Texture Stamp Kit Byzantine $12.21
Lisa Pavelka 527235 Texture Stamp Zenful $8.10 Lisa Pavelka 527231 Texture Stamp Going Places $8.12
Lisa Pavelka 527043 Texture Stamp Garden Glory $10.74 Lisa Pavelka 527046 Texture Stamp Splat $8.27
Lisa Pavelka 327020 Texture Stamp Kit Romance $13.60 Lisa Pavelka 327016 Texture Stamp Kit Decorative $11.60
Lisa Pavelka 327150 Texture Stamp Kit Far Out $10.76 Lisa Pavelka 327021 Texture Stamp Kit Spirit $10.72
Lisa Pavelka 327091 Texture Stamp Kit Adornments $11.84 Lisa Pavelka 527122 Texture Stamp Orbit $8.12
Lisa Pavelka 527105 Texture Stamp Autumnal $9.23 Lisa Pavelka 527123 Texture Stamp Bull's Eye $8.75
Lisa Pavelka 327023 Texture Stamp Kit Natural $10.75 Lisa Pavelka 527230 Texture Stamp Groovy $8.12
Lisa Pavelka 527065 Texture Stamp Foliage $8.12 Lisa Pavelka 527233 Texture Stamp Son of Swirl $8.11
Lisa Pavelka 327019 Texture Stamp Kit Symmetry $10.75 Lisa Pavelka 527096 Texture Stamp Tumbling Leaves $8.12
Lisa Pavelka 527101 Texture Stamp Swirley Q $8.12 Lisa Pavelka 527103 Texture Stamp Striped Tube $8.11
Lisa Pavelka 327151 Texture Stamp Kit On the Road $10.75 Lisa Pavelka 527100 Texture Stamp Fancy Checks $8.98
Lisa Pavelka 327017 Texture Stamp Kit Galaxy $10.75 Lisa Pavelka 327152 Texture Stamp Kit Round About $10.75
Lisa Pavelka 527104 Texture Stamp Direction $8.12 Lisa Pavelka 527232 Texture Stamp Dancing Dots $8.12
Lisa Pavelka 527097 Texture Stamp Ribbons $8.09 Lisa Pavelka 527106 Texture Stamp Hearts Aflame $8.12
Lisa Pavelka 527099 Texture Stamp Fleur $8.12 Lisa Pavelka 527102 Texture Stamp Illusions $8.12
Lisa Pavelka 527045 Texture Stamp Persian Carpet $9.99 Sizzix Simple Impressions Christmas Tree Embossing $5.95
...Sizzix Simple Impressions Monogram M Embossing Fol $5.95 ...Sizzix Simple Impressions Monogram A Embossing Fol $5.95
...Sizzix Simple Impressions Monogram J Embossing Fol $5.95 ...Sizzix Simple Impressions Monogram K Embossing Fol $5.95
...Sizzix Simple Impressions Monogram U Embossing Fol $5.95 ...Sizzix Simple Impressions Monogram B Embossing Fol $5.95
...Sizzix Simple Impressions Monogram D Embossing Fol $5.95 ...Sizzix Simple Impressions Monogram L Embossing Fol $5.95
...Sizzix Simple Impressions Monogram E Embossing Fol $5.95 Sizzix Simple Impressions Embossing Folder Backgro $3.00
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