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Darice 7-3/4-Inch Magnetic Manikin $12.30 Human ARTIST MODEL - 12 inch - Drawing Mannequin $4.99
Art Alternatives 12 inch Male Manikin $6.41 Art Advantage Female Right Hand Mannequin $20.16
Darice 4-3/4-Inch Magnetic Manikin $6.79 Magnetic Wood Manikin (7-3/4 Inches Tall) $6.50
Wooden Puppy Manikin $8.00 Art Advantage 12-Inch Male Mannequin $8.40
Darice Right Hand Manikin $13.81 Artist Manikin 7 Inch Cat $12.07
Art Advantage Dog Mannequin $13.66 Artist Manikin 12in Male Right Hand $15.06
Art Advantage Left Hand Mannequin $22.46 Art Advantage Right Hand Mannequin $20.30
Alvin & Co. CW201 WOODEN MANNEQUIN 12in UNISEX $13.80 Artist Manikin 12in Male Left Hand $19.36
Art Advantage Child Left Hand Mannequin $10.97 Art Advantage Female Left Hand Mannequin $18.10
Art S. Buck Female Artists Figure Model $24.98 Wooden Human Mannequin (Unisex) 5.5 Inch Tall $5.50
Darice 16-Inch Sectioned Wood Manikin $17.95 Art Advantage 12-Inch Female Mannequin $11.99
Art Advantage Child Right Hand Mannequin $12.51 Art Advantage 6-Inch Male Mannequin $7.35
Darice 12-Inch Wood Manikin in PVC Tube $7.14 Buck Woodsman Avid Fixed Knife with Phenolic Handl $42.75
Darice Left Hand Manikin $13.40 Arty Micro Manikin Keychain $2.60
Art S. Buck Anatomical Manikin - Male $35.59 4-1/2 Inch Wood Artists Manikin $4.69
Hairart Mannequin Head Super Suction Base (834) $12.95 Richeson Artist's Manikin in Natural Hardwood - Ma $4.55
Side Show Collectibles Art S. Buck Artist's Model $22.49 Artist Manikin 12in Female Varnished $9.26
Plaster Human Skull Model (Life Size) $30.21 8 Manikin for Drawing or Display $5.35
Side Show Collectibles Art S. Buck Artist's Model $22.49 Art Advantage 8-Inch Male Mannequin $10.46
Darice Cat Manikin $12.70 Art S. Buck Male Artists Figure Model $26.98
Jack Richeson Signature Manikin- 8 Inch Wooden Fem $8.99 Manikin - 8 Inch Wooden Male Signature Series $8.99
Jack Richeson Signature Manikin- 10 Inch Wooden Fe $29.99 Art Advantage Monkey Mannequin Key Chain $4.55
Wooden Artist Sketch Poseable Mannequin 12 Wood M $24.90 HORSE MANNEQUIN 12 Drafting, Engineering, Art (Ge $83.25
Human Skeleton Model 35 inch High $79.99 Art Advantage Dragon Mannequin $24.95
Darice 8-Inch Manikin $14.50 Darice 26-Inch Manikin $32.29
Hairart 20 Hair Competition Mannequin Head (4220) $90.95 Jack Richeson Signature Manikin- 12 Inch Wooden Ma $10.19
Artist's Loft MALE Magnetic MANNEQUIN 12 WOOD MAL $29.99 Hairart Mannequin Head Suction Stand (833) $12.95
Hairart Hard Rubber Mannequin Head (102M) $27.45 Hairart Trisha Afro Wave Classic Mannequin Head (9 $38.95
Drawing Manikin- 12 Wooden Drawing Model $7.99 BUCK Nano Bantam - Model 283BK Part No 5828 $6.85
Wood 6-1/2 Inch Pig Manikin $8.79 Obitsu Manga & Anime Manikin and Figure- Femal $49.99
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Prices current as of last update, 12/21/11 11:11am.

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